A week long immersive experience

in one of the main musical centers of Europe

Wisseloord Studios

Built in 1978, Wisseloord has a rich, celebrated history in the music business, and it now houses the advanced technology and aesthetic that will take it into the future. Located 20 minutes from Amsterdam in the heart of Europe between France, Scandinavia or Germany, Wisseloord is a facility where you can find all the best recording technologies of our time. But more than this, it is the place where countless artists like Sting, The Rolling Stones, Chris Brown, Afrojack, Michael Jackson, Firebeatz, Snoop Dog, 50 cent, KRS-One, and many many more have been creating music…

The House of Music 

Since 2018, Wisseloord has not only been a recording studio, but, more than anything else, it is a home for talented musicians, a creative hub for bands, writers, composers and artists. Upon the creation of the House Of Music (a partnership between Wisseloord and BMG), it now offers a roster of selected international talents the opportunity to develop their craft, collaborate with other artists, join some writing sessions, produce their records, publish their music, market and release their tracks all while guided by an international team of experienced professionals. 


During this “real world” creative experience you will engage with industry professionals, artists and peers in a songwriting camp hosted by the Wisseloord House of Music in The Netherlands in collaboration with BMG.

You will have the opportunity to work in one of the best studios of western Europe, writing, producing, and collaborating with established creatives in the Dutch music industry, an experience that ends with a final showcase where you will perform in front of industry professionals. 

The House Of Music team will take care of inviting artists, other creatives and labels who are interested in working with the Berklee students and provide briefs from the industry.

The best tracks, selected by the Creative Director of the House of Music and the A&R’s of BMG will get the opportunity to get published by Wisseloord Publishing / BMG.



For Who?
If you are an experienced musician, composer, songwriter or artist looking to expand your network in Europe as well as your creative skills.


The House Of Music can welcome you through the whole year for writing sessions or internships, but the dedicated writing camps will take place during school holidays.


Travel to Hilversum
Check into hotel

Monday - Thursday
Songwriting Camp experience
10am-11am : Breakfast
11am - 1pm : Briefings, Clinics, Master classes...
1pm - 2pm : Networking lunch
2pm - Until : Studio sessions


Thursday Night
Participants will submit final draft of songs for listening session. Songs will be chosen for final showcase.

10am - 11am : Breakfast
11am - 2pm : Final edits, revisions, and rehearsals
2pm - 4pm : Lunch and talk about paperwork

4pm - 5pm : Break
5pm - 7pm : Sound Check
7pm - 10pm: Final Showcase

This includes
• Transportation between Amsterdam and Hilversum
• Breakfast, Networking Lunch & Dinner in the Wisseloord

Restaurant (from Monday morning until Friday evening).
• Writing sessions
• Clinics, Masterclasses

Not included
• Flights to Amsterdam Schiphol
• Hotel (Possibilities to sleep in the Wisseloord bedrooms for
25€ per night for the 4 first applicants).

2 students can obtain a full scholarship for the camp financed
by the House Of Music (exclusive of travel and hotel costs).
This scholarship will be attributed to 2 composers, writers,
artists or producers by a selection committee constituted or
AnR’s, artists managers and label representatives.

It's also possible to come for a longer periodPlease contact us for any information.


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For more info, contact us: 

Malik Berrabah 


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Wisseloord Studio’s 

Catharina van Renneslaan 10, 1217 CX Hilversum, The Netherlands